Who We Are

Who We Are

Essex Computers, Newark NJ – (1989 – 1992)

Essex Computers commenced 25 years ago in Newark, New Jersey as a full service Apple hardware, service and systems integrator. This location offered clients the latest, most exciting technology products and services at a time when new technology flourished throughout the commercial landscape. Essex quickly recognized the quickly evolving IT marketplace inherent to the early 1990′s and as a result, the necessity for continued growth. Essex Computers would soon forge ahead within a newly renovated, 20,000 square foot facility located in Clifton, New Jersey.

Essex Computers Corporate Headquarters, Clifton, NJ (1992 – 2010)

For the next two decades, Essex Computers would continue to provide IT solutions to commercial interests in the new Clifton, New Jersey location.   As a designated Apple Specialist, new Channel Partnerships were consummated, helping to secure the reputation for Essex as the NY/NJ metropolitan area’s premier IT solutions provider.   With an emphasis placed on ‘Enabling Technology with Knowledge’, Essex offered solution selling coupled with IT support known as Essex Care.  Essex Care packages remained as mainstay IT support for network infrastructure for hundreds of commercial clients.  Essex understood that for many organizations the value-add of education was critical for continued success.   As a result, year 1994 launched DES (Department of Educational Services), with the addition of three state-of-the art classrooms.   This newly formed department would dedicate a primary focus on the pursuit of individual scholastic development.  Essex would continue along this path, offering aggregate IT solutions and training to SMB, Fortune 500 and vertical markets alike.

Essex Computers Retail Store & Headquarters, Paramus, NJ – (2010 – Today)

Year 2010 resulted in the incorporation of consumer-based retail selling within the existing B2B business model.   This revolutionary new path for Essex resulted in a Paramus, New Jersey store-front, offering IT solutions now direct to the general consumer.   The location essentially migrated the historic 20 + year B2B backbone along with retail.  Within this newly combined infrastructure, Essex would continue forward as a full service VAR.